Be successful with us.
  1. Why do I need Intelligent Engagement?

Technically, you don’t. You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing. But what we’ve seen time and time again is that small businesses that don’t pay attention to their online presence tend to see their customer base erode, stolen away by other businesses that turn up higher in search rankings or have more reviews online. Intelligent Engagement keeps you current, competitive, and thriving taking care of all the behind the scenes work online so you can focus on what you do best: Run Your Business.

  1. How will I know if your services are working?

You’ll get a report every month detailing any changes in search rankings, the number of visits to your website, how people are engaging with your site and any videos you may have. We’ll also make recommendations based on those reports that will drive your numbers up.

Of course, none of that means anything if you don’t see an increase in business. So that’s our number one metric: are you seeing more people walk through the door. If not, then we have more work to do.

  1. What do I need to know before I work with you?

Just know your business, we take care of the rest. It sounds a bit simple, but it’s true. Our primary goal is to take the burden of worrying about search engine optimization, rankings, views, and reviews off of your plate. Well, actually, our primary goal is to help you grow your business!

The intricacies of what we do are, honestly, incredibly boring to most people. We happen to love it and will happily talk to you about it for hours if you ask.

  1. What if I’m dissatisfied with the service?

You are free to cancel at any time. We just ask that you get in touch first and let us see if we can do better before you leave.

  1. What else should I know?

Just that we are excited to get to know you and your business. Let us show you how much of a difference Intelligent Engagement can make!